Women escorts craigslist sex alternative

women escorts craigslist sex alternative

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It may be home of the brave but it definitely is not land of the free. So it's ok to buy a machine gun and kill like 50 people but try to find your sexual soul mate via craigslist, and well we can 't have that now can we. Their point was that Republicans won't vote on gun control but they will vote on controlling sex.

Which was exactly what you confirmed by noting the score. Downvoting me just proves that Republicans are pussies by nature and can't handle criticism. I loved your reply btw, saying that Democrats don't support this?

Interesting that you think that considering the vote was , that's the whole Senate dumbass, Democrats included.

Fuck Republicans like you, there are good ones, you're not one of them. Gun control doesn't help with mass shootings or gun violence. This seems counter-intuitive at first, but I assure you it is true. Oh shut the fuck up! Canada has gun control and our gun crime is barely non existent in comparison. PS - I see you made a Reddit request, here it is "[Request] Is there a subreddit for girls standing up and their asses spread just enough to show the pussy? Anything you have to say from here on out?

Will just be considered the ramblings of another uneducated American. Throwing a tantrum when you are mad. To address your Canada point, that's because canadians have no rights. Your government can do whatever they wish to its people. That's why Canada has such awful healthcare, and yet is so expensive in taxes.

To address your second point, this is a throwaway my dude. My preferences have nothing to do with the argument at hand, and you used it simply as a diversion, so I wont spend time defending it.

I wont even bring up your gay squats thing. You can take your smug comment and shove it up your ass, because it has no factual merit whatsoever. Im sad they dont support both but ill take supporting gun rights and not Craigslist over supporting neither like democrats. Twist every single thing I said into something that looks good for you.

How Republican of you to use the "whataboutism" trick to try and get out of scrutiny. What were all referring to is how kids are currently getting slaughtered in schools but they don't care.

I sure haven't heard anything about a wave of rapes Hence the fucked priorities. How many times have you heard "They are coming for our guns!!!! Some Republicans spout off that they are coming for our guns, some Democrats pretend that a pellet gun is an assault rifle. Been trying to find a replacement website for the closed CL Personals section and, after much research, I found that Doublelist.

This will, most likely, be the replacement, for the old Personals section. It just needs to gain traction. So, please spread the word. Saw the other comment about it. Doesn't look like there's much traffic there for my area, but I'll give it a whirl and see what happens.

At this point, this is the closest thing you will get to the old CL Personals. I have checked extensively. There is nothing else. There isn't a ton of traffic, but I see it very slowly increasing day by day. People just need to be aware of it, then it should spread like wild fire hopefully. First they now only accept gmail and yahoo. You cannot get a verification otherwise. They added phone verification too. And yet the flagging wars have started.

If they're available in the U. S, pretty sure they have to abide by U. Like how a lot of websites are blocking some countries in Europe so they don't have to make changes to their privacy policy stuff. Just a guess though. I actually used Craigslist for straight up dating.

I liked the anonymity and simplicity compared to dating sites. I used it to find models for photo shoots. Now that Craigslist is charging for posting gigs, the community section is flooded with trolls. I think I'll try Tinder. I looked at doublist. There were some ads for today in my area which was encouraging. I wasn't able to see anything but the titles though, opening the post didn't show the content of it or the pictures.

Tried the site via VPN out the Netherlands and the post content showed up. I noticed that too. Disabling my adblockers showed the content. Guess I'll just have to flag things selectively if I want to see posts. There's only 3 postings and they're all hundreds of miles away. I went and checked and you're right. Obviously Craigslist knew illegal activity was going on for a long time, why didn't they do something about it?

Like verify accounts and make you prove your identity before you can post? I guess Craig made his money and ran. That's like asking why boost Mobile didn't make sure everyone who bought a phone from a gas station wasn't a drug dealer first.

It's an unreasonable burden to place on them. Uh, no it wasn't for any illegal activity. Pretty terrible bill that does nothing to help stop actual sex trafficking or protect sex workers. So if prostitution is an unstoppable activity that is relatively dangerous, do you make it more illegal or make it more legal? If you drive it underground, it just makes it harder for people to get help. If you regulate the shit out of it, maybe some of the danger goes away. Then put a system in place that will help the people that need it.

Bring things into the light only makes society safer. Less drug dealers fighting on the streets, less likey for John's to beat the shit out of tricks, more medical and psychological care for people who need it. Kill curiosity in a safe way, and all of a sudden it has less hold over you.

By holding websites liable they at least, for the time being, hinder that flow of activity. Plenty of experts and social scientists spoke out against the shut down precisely because it makes it more difficult to catch these criminals by driving them under ground or onto websites outside the US. It basically sounds like the consensus among sex trafficking experts is that this will exacerbate the problem, not help it. Here to save the day! Welcome Firechat and Mastodon.

The community just needs to start using these plataforms by announcement in places like here. Let me explain how to use these things. Firechat is a communicator that is totally descentralized. It can communicate phone to phone using regular networking like wifi or your data plan. But also you can turn that stuff off and just talk to the locals using Bluetooth. I know, it's crazy! Like if you go to a club, you can just post, I'm here and talk to those users who are close by.

There is a local channel just for that purpose. It's not a clone. It basically works by having a login to an instance. There are videos, links images and sounds.

It's federalized, but it can also be localized. Like there can be one or fifty for San Diego, another 20 for Los Angeles. Or to you could like get together with a mini group and just toot to them all day. No one else in the middle do long as you can have one of your friends leave his computer turned on all day for this Anyway, there go Google these two things and see if you can use them.

It is a bummer to loose CL, had a lot of good times through it. I am in MI, my best alternative so far has been local classifieds like classopia. I'm looking for one guy for a fwb type of situation. I am pretty young white mom and lesbian , looking for a first time experience with an open minded individual.

I can host or travel, doesn't matter to me. Say hi if you're around.. I'm an average looking guy looking for sexual fun with a fun loving women. In to most anything without pain involved. An old man 47 looking for someone to enjoy with him this cold night and make it very warm. I'd love to eat your pussy till you cum in my mouth. I eat, you cum. Just send me an email.

Easy to set up.

... Their point was that Republicans priorities seem to be fucked, which this shows. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Perusing the ads, MegaFriends appears to have real women, the other 2 sites are all 'bots or sex workers. Log in or sign up in seconds. Let's make this happen now! Women escorts craigslist sex alternative 24 May Just recently, the “Personals” section of Craigslist was removed following alternatives to Craigslist Personals for those looking for casual sex, same-sex It is made for lesbians and bisexual women seeking to have casual. 25 Mar Goodbye, Craigslist personal ads: Those seeking casual sex will miss our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Women need to ditch the idea that male partners need to be taller than them. 5 Apr March 22 marked the end of the Craigslist personals era for Missoula Alice, a year-old woman using a pseudonym, posted in the general.

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