International escorts apps for sex Sydney

international escorts apps for sex Sydney

We used to get a lot of Lebanese drug dealers coming in too- I'm guessing there were links there because they didn't go to any other brothels. Is it rude to ask what is your favourite position and what other sex acts do you like performing?

It's hard to say but I'd say the vast majority. It's certainly difficult at times. Some colleagues or peers, as we tend to call each other are too sensitive, I reckon. Me, I just let it all roll off my back. It helps that I have a day job and plenty of other hobbies to focus on. Also, an industry secret: I don't know why grinding on all that cushion feels so good.

I orgasm most times with clients. A lot of them want to go down on me. In fact I have an easier time getting head at work than in my personal life, I reckon. I'm usually in a different headspace when it happens like getting rough fucked by Gary Oldman- I have weird taste in men, I know.

Sometimes I find it easier to come at work than in my personal life because I feel less pressure. I don't care whether the client thinks I'm faking it or not. I already have his cash at that point so an orgasm is just gravy. But with dudes from my personal life I put more pressure on myself. Sometimes I get self-conscious about how long it takes and it stresses me out. Hopefully I didn't sound patronizing in asking, I was just genuinely curious.

If clients want to get whipped they'll go to a dominatrix or a sex worker who specialises in fetish. If I'm alone with one dude I stand a chance of beating him in a fight should things get ugly. I'd like to get DP'd someday though. I couldn't t think of anything more boring. Bowral has tons of wineries and if you travel around them all you can pretty much get shitfaced for free.

There's a lot of great little restaurants You can buy old tins, old cutlery, old glass jars and bottles, old linen, old furniture; and the like, for about five times the price anywhere else in Aus. Then you can have scones and cream. I'm trans myself so I'm curious about this one. Know of any transgenders in the industry and how that's all perceived?

But from what I've observed, trans escorts deal with waaay more shit from clients than us cis-gendered escorts.

I'm talking assault, rape etc. Transphobia is still alive and well, unfortunately. I'm MtF but post-op, mid-thirties, have a partner who I care for a lot along with the wrong personality type for that line of work, but still, thanks for your insights in this thread.

Anything that helps break down stigma and ignorance among the wider community is always a good thing: Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the sex work industry in NSW is mostly legal, yes? Given the legality of it, are there any policy changes you'd like to see regarding the sex work industry? And if so, why? The legislation is a jumbled-up mess. In NSW all they did was decriminalize it. They introduced all of these regulations, like brothels have to collect sexual health certificates from their workers, but the government does nothing to enforce them.

This is why brothels and agencies get away with treating their workers unfairly. So yes, I'd like to see these regulations enforced properly but I doubt the government would be willing to provide the funding for that. In Victoria it's legalized and regulations are better enforced, e. But some of the laws are really stupid. Either they have to hire a hotel room under their name or I have to go to their residence. I think this is to prevent the emergence of illegal brothels but in practice it just doesn't work.

Honestly, I'd hate to add it all up, because it would mean having to face up to just how bad my spending habits are. It's been an hour and OP's still not answering, so if you've got any questions feel free to ask me. I'm not a sex worker, never really had anything to do with the industry in my life, but hey - I'm here right now, so why not? I once became good friends with a girl who had been trafficked. She was brought over here to Australia by this dude http: She told me that he locked her in a room all day with two other American girls.

He advertised them on privategirls. I forget how she eventually managed to escape but she was too scared to press charges.

Are they high flying corporate types, ugly loser incel types, older married men or 'regular' young guys? Here's how an ugly loser incel reads my escort ad: And she doesn't even do natural head? Fucken what's with all of these girls thinking they're god's gift? The other ones you mentioned, yes, I see them. Usually two or three of those descriptions can apply to one single dude.

I'm getting a bit bored by it though. I've been doing it for too long. It allows for a lot of leisure time. How have you handled your personal relationships? Specifically partners or have you avoided those? The first time I told a man I dated, we had met while traveling so I hadn't worked for 3 weeks by the time I met him.

He suspected and kind of forced it out of me. He was angry at first and asked a couple of degrading questions. The next day he apologized and we fell in love. Then we broke up. I went back to working a few months after we broke up.

Second dude I met while I was taking a long hiatus from the industry. This one's a bit more complicated but long story short, he didn't accept it. His marriage had ended a couple of years beforehand because his wife caught him cheating on her at brothels. Then a year before he met me he had a relationship with a working escort who was quite psychologically abusive to him.

Basically he couldn't accept that I was an escort because I didn't conform to how an escort is supposed to be, in his mind. I think that so long as escorts and sex workers were as bad as they were in his head, he could still blame them for the failure of his marriage, and his character, to an extent.

Then along came me, all kind and caring and empathetic and it just threw him into a loop. That didn't last long. I told the last dude I dated on our first date, but after we'd had sex. He was chill about it. We only saw each other for a few weeks. It ended because he was just too busy with his work and lived too far away.

I'll never know whether the whole escort thing got to him or not because it was a very short-lived thing. But so far all signs point to no. I just take each situation as it comes and act accordingly.

But I generally avoid dating while I'm actively escorting. My friend is currently dating a girl who works as an escort. Right now it's a novelty but I'm assuming the shine is going to wear off quite soon.

Have you ever had a partner during your career? How were they with it? Honestly, I've never dated a guy long enough for the 'shine to wear off,' so to speak. My GP has dated escorts before and he is adamant that I keep it secret from any future boyfriend I may meet after I retire because it will always be niggling at the back of his head, i.

That's just his opinion though. I take it with a grain of salt. Like is there a specific race that tends to be more rude? I remember reading from an escort on this subreddit IIRC that clients who drive a big car usually have a short one. Is that true from your experience? Dated a client, once. I was manic at the time. I dumped him because he was always cancelling plans at the last minute and only ever came to my house.

Either he was married or he was hiding something major. As a rule, I don't date clients. Can't say I've felt tempted since that debacle either. One of her main rules was that she never orgasmed with her clients, but she would always fake it.

Do you have a similar rule or any other rules that you have self-imposed? Most of the men I see have low self-esteem. Imagine their delight when I am brought to orgasm while being sexual with them.

Now imagine how crushed they would be if I just faked it. With the amount of ego men attach to their ability to make women orgasm, orgasming with a client is one of the best things I could do for my business. Besides, why shouldn't I get mine? Just because it's work doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself. Yes I never really got it either, it seems redundant really, all that effort not to cum. Anyway thanks for answering, have a good one: I hate the black and white representations of it.

In media sex workers are either dirty junkies on the street or posh courtesans seeing CEOs in expensive hotels. Take me for example: I charge pretty high prices but I don't do more than 3 bookings per week and my day job is in aged care.

My circumstances have changed numerous times throughout my sex work career but I haven't ever felt like I could identify with how it's portrayed in media. Usually the ones who are moderately attractive bearing in mind their age and circumstances , have good banter, are kind and respectful and are good in the sack- meaning, they don't require too much work.

The ones who are too much work are usually the ones who can't maintain an erection in a condom. Cue me spending the next hour making my arm go numb from all the exertion required of a vigorous handijay. Does anyone in your personal life know about your job? I'm afraid of my Dad and brothers finding out. I broke down and confessed everything to my parents about having been a sex worker for years about 2 years ago while I was on hiatus.

Only my Mum knows I've returned. She doesn't want me to tell him because otherwise she'd 'never hear the end of it. She's a very emotionally repressed person. So she had her initial outburst of 'Easy money blah blah selling your body blah blah,' then we didn't talk about it for a few weeks.

We still don't talk about it much but I'll sometimes mention where and when I'll be traveling to work. Not that I know of. I think they've cracked down pretty hard on that since the Wood Royal Commission.

The closest I've gotten to a male escort was going on a coffee date. I was still hung up on my ex so nothing happened. By the time I was ready he had moved on. He's a nice guy though. He provided me with an interesting insight: I also have a no-Indian policy but I discriminate based on culture. I have numerous clients who are Indian by race but they don't conform to the negative cultural norms that India is sadly renowned for.

Some I do see were born and raised in India but don't conform to those negative cultural norms. Interestingly these ones usually come from more privileged backgrounds. When I explain this latter policy to other clients I say, 'Have you ever done business with an Indian?

I am kind of interested in this too. Are they mean, cruel, racist? Do they have weird fetishes? Do they always try to haggle with you about your fee?

They come from a culture that is far more patriarchal than ours. I'm not saying that explains it. I've never had any problems with Middle Easter clients so far.

But they seem to view us more as receptacles than humans, asking questions like 'How many times can I come in 30 mins? And their phone and text messaging manners are appalling.

Think 'heyy u workin babe? Not to butt in, but I'm a sex worker too and I want to back her up about the Indian thing. It's only those from India, it's a cultural issue.

Not those raised here or elsewhere. It makes us sound awful but for your own sake you just have to ban them. They view you as less than human. They will do stuff like put you a headlock when kissing you so you cannot pull away then they will bite your face.

If you tell no to something they will try it on anyway repeatedly. I have had an Indian be so rough with me they knocked out my contacts. In contrast, as she says, Middle Eastern men get a bad rap in the media but are actually really awesome. I see newly arrived Iraqi refugees and they are so lovely. The Lebs were usually obnoxious in the meeting rooms but once you get them separate from their mate, they're absolute puppy dogs.

I'm not Irish and there are not many reasons I can imagine. Drunken, disorderly, hostile, disrespectful and on top of all of that, they have big dicks but don't know how to use them and so proceed to jackhammer away causing literally stabbing pain to my kidneys. Oh god I know that pain, it's the worst. I think if I was in your line of work I'd have to advertise a maximum length. The amount of times I'd go back to the girls' room after a booking at the brothel and just lay down and curl up in the foetal position, clutching my uterus would make you shudder.

There's a compliment in there and we'll take it. Joking aside, you Aussies are actually marginally bigger drinkers than us, according to WHO data. I find this too very interesting. At the end of the day, you should have control over who you do business with especially since you work privately and it is your body.

But playing devil's advocate, having policies such as the ones you hold does it conflict with this push in the sex industry to be more legitimate and transparent from a business perspective? I see businessmen who refuse to do business with certain demographics. They're still laughing all the way to the bank. Plus, there are far more racist 'legitimate' industries out there than escorting e. Extremely late to the party. This is not a question but just wanted to thank you for doing this AMA.

It was really interesting and you sound like a cool chick. Good luck on your studies. I'd suggest getting another phone that you can hide from your wife.

Try to sneak out at times you would otherwise be at work. I often see married clients early in the morning, e. Second best would be pretending you're going somewhere like the gym or tennis or playing squash- try to think of a hobby she'd never be interested in.

If you chicken at the last minute, have the decency to phone and cancel. The amount of times I've turned down bookings because someone else has booked me, only for that someone else to pull a no-show is infuriating.

This is why I take deposits now. More importantly, why would you want to see sex workers behind your wife's back? Seeing sexual providers is no solution. It just escapism and it will only delay the inevitable. Instead of running away from your problems, why not get the courage to confront them? Clean your junk well, make sure you breath doesnt stink, almost everywhere makes you have a shower before playtime anyways.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Since then I have worked at 6 different brothels in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. One year later I had a mental breakdown and left the industry for 9 months. I returned nearly a year ago, this time in Sydney and I haven't looked back since. I regularly tour interstate. I plan to retire in June this year when I move overseas to study for my Masters.

Ask any question you want. Want to add to the discussion? How would I get into this line of work? Also, what are you studying? Unless he bathing in Pol Roger I guess. I wish I had been born with a vagina: I don't want to be a hooker anymore. I'll point out that I'm happily married Question: I take Ubers now. Flat rate for a night? As for how cute I have to be to charge this amount? How does tax even work for escorts? Do you have an accountant? Make the most of it.

I'm just young, dumb and full of cum. How shit are Australian cops in relation to sex work? Was your breakdown a result of the industry or was it unrelated to that? Any interesting observations about human psychology? I already provided an exhaustive answer to this further down in the thread. Most clients just want affection and validation. Removed link because of Daily Mail article.

You have a stronger stomach than I do! And no, I've never bought property. Also, what kept you there? Anyone with their shit together will go private.

Working in mental health I don't know if I should laugh or cry. That's actually quite deep. Do you get a root for that kind of money? Still tight, though, if my clients and tinder dates are to be believed. According to one peer, American men are gentlemen. I stopped seeing him after that. Hard to take your stance seriously.

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International escorts apps for sex Sydney

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