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Keyword craigslistescort Melbourne

Emails are easy to change, your mug, not so much. CL is thankfully losing ground and my first experience in the Help Forum was like scene out of Lord of the Flies. Since my crystal ball is out being cleaned at the moment I neglected to realize that line in the agreement clearly states ….. I did get one straight answer finally in the slew of offensive material, in reply to my saying that, if a post is flagged by the system not a user or a reader there should be an email that says why.

It would improve things greatly because otherwise you are left in the dark and the help forum is neither help nor forum. In answer one person said that CL does not want you to know why. That if they did it would teach people to circumvent the system, but how exactly would that happen? I mean, if the rule is as it is these days that you should not post closer than 48 hours, and you know that, how is that a bad thing?

But if you do that, things like what is currently happening like people becoming disenchanted with the whole thing happens. And the only people who will then use it are the limited four they are being so exclusive about. I have actually a personal theory that the reason why they will not email you the reason for ads being removed is because it would be additional fodder for lawsuits.

That if there would be true transparency and everyone had to abide by the same rules that CL likes to hide behind, you would come to find out how not equal the whole set up is.

I think the mentality at CL is spreading throughout the web. People are being LESS transparent as the world moves forward and people are having greater problems communicating now than ever before.

I find it interesting how so many companies and websites operate the same way. If you fix or change this then we can possibly reconsider it in the future. So much hidden info just creating situations where you will make mistakes and they will just be there to jump on you just like what you experienced at CL. I think Bullying has taken on a whole new face.

I recently applied for an Amazon Associates account. Best experience of my life — despite getting turned down although eventually approved. I created the account and posted the ads on my site. Policy is not to approve sites until so many hours after the first referral sale Amazon does not pay you per click but pays you if that click turns into a sale.

I am an author with books for sale only on Amazon and received an invite to join. Had a test site up and running before the finale build out. Well, they gave me the reason as not being enough content, which kind of surprised me. They shut everything down automatically, I had to fill all the forms back out again, and go through the entire spiel again.

However, since I knew that it was a content issue, I waited until the full launch of my new site and made sure I had plenty of content. A plethora of content, and guess what.. The site is better because of it I thought of tons of additional things a result to ad … and we are skipping happily down the road arm in arm. Facebook disapproved an ad because the person in the picture provided by them had too much skin showing.

So then changed the picture … and the ad got approved. How bad was all that? I think it really just comes down to the self, or user moderation websites have simply evolved to a dimension of Troll paradise and it seems reasonable that in time people will realise it and hopefully stop utilizing such sites.

But I doubt it. So how does that work??? Do they send out an email or something? CL does NOT contact you. I agree with you that other sites are doing this. I inquired and they simply said that their proprietary system thinks that I am a fraudulent reviewer.

I did get a response that I still should write reviews since their proprietary and top secret system may eventually decide I am a legitimate person and stop flagging my reviews. I responded to them asking them to just close my account with them. These sites need to learn that all this secrecy and privacy and Political correctness in some cases needs to stop. If you cant be honest and speak your mind then there is no point in visiting these sites.

They will notice it as they become less relevant. Heck, even South Park made an episode spoofing Yelp. First, I should say that I used to believe Craigslist did ghosting, but I think ghosting has since been debunked. I also used to have my CL ads routinely flagged for no reason, but lately my ads have been pretty good at showing up and staying up. Regarding Yelp, I was once paid a hundred dollars to post up to 10 positive reviews for a moving company.

I think all but one of my reviews were flagged, including my Yelp review. One group became flooded with trolls, and I got attacked non-stop. I reported and reported, and finally, IMDB must have got sick of my reporting troll posts, and it was just more expedient for them to put a stop to me rather than put a stop to the trolls.

I just looked for some of my old posts, just for old times sake, and noticed they had deleted everything I ever wrote. This was sad, because I wrote a lot of serious reviews and made a lot of contributions to IMDB movie data. I have long since realized, however, that there is a world of difference between what you write on the internet, and what you write on paper, as in a book, for instance. An owner or admin of a website can completely delete any trace of what you wrote, for no reason at all, if they wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

I felt it was wrong of IMDB to do this to me. I even wrote a widget script that sought to acquire demographic info from readers. Eventually other differences of opinion caused us to split apart. I made a comment to the writer, and by the time the site owner came back from vacation, he was in an uproar over the incident.

I confronted her and she pretended she had never heard of the show. Well, the site owner eventually deleted me, and every one of my many stories, which possibly numbered a hundred or so. Lesson learned, behind every website is an ego that needs bolstering. This is not possibly with something published on paper. I was a newspaper correspondent for five years, and I can tell you that no matter how I might have bruised some egos, those old newspapers still exist in closets and basements, and no one person has the capability of turning them off forever.

I agree with much of what you wrote. Most people in this world have huge egos that need to be stroked. The smaller the mind, the larger the ego I think.

The internet has given rise to the ability for anyone to have their own little kingdom and push their supposed weight around if only on that website. Heck you can run into instances of this in the real world also. Once people caught onto it, Ghosting lost its effectiveness and now CL does Flagging instead.

I flag these slanderous ads but they remain. Recently, I have posted ads in support of these groups or individuals being unfairly maligned in my community and provide real facts to give readers a balanced prospective upon which to form an opinion. I know this is not from legitimate flagging. My ads all comply with TOU. Craigslist has always had this problem and it has never been checked or controlled in any way.

This has always been the biggest problem with internet companies and that is that there is no transparency. They can easily hide behind anonymity and do as they please. You are basically screwed at Craigslist now but that is not the only place that this happens. There are many other places that have similar deceptive policies or personnel working for them, Youtube for example. Google is the biggest and most anonymous of all internet companies out there. Emails flow down from their ivory tower but you can never contact them.

What the heck does that mean? I see tons of useless garbage on Youtube, as you expressed with CL in your area, and nothing is done to stop them. BS is all I can say. Is this put in by CL or the poster? I always get in…. That is something set up by CL. They are probably testing it out on some posts and will make it system wide soon enough. There are many people that do automated emails through CL so they are probably trying to stop that.

Will that help them to identify scammers? Or is just a technical thing for them? Thanks for the response! It will only help reduce the amount of automated, non-human emails generated through their system, nothing more.

I thank all of you for sharing… At the help desk thingy, all they do is change the subject rather than answer my basic question. There are many sites that do similar things on Google as well. Google has a much stronger and tougher algorithm to crack and this problem is becoming less prevalent over time but the algorithm at CL is not as hard to crack.

That site probably has studied the search patterns over a range of time and found what most search queries are and created posts to match them. Well, the thing is, is CL selling ads now to resellers like HomeAdvisors?

I am not aware of CL selling ads to populate the first few spaces of their search as what you are describing. They may be testing something for future implementation or these companies may be manipulating the search results. Impossible to say at this point. I have found that when I asked for help.

When I replied defending they accused me of bad behavior, continuing to use the community as an excuse for flagging. They would not explain how many flags it takes or why folks like to flag without giving a reason.

I really hate sites that belittle you when you report bad behavior. IMDB did that to me for reporting trolls. If you believe they are the only option they will be. Never click on their site and they go away. They are slowly becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes by. They no longer have the stranglehold on the Classifieds market that they used to have. I have to disagree…. For certain markets or certain niche, I agree that they may still be very viable, but I have had readers post that they are making more money from other sites such as Yelp for their niche.

Depending on what type of business you are running, Yelp, Ebay, Amazon, etc can be very helpful. The posts are put up in continous strings…some contain over 50 a few months ago I copied all 54 of one string and sent the whole mess to Craig. They were taken down after several days, only to sneak back in first with a string of maybe a dozen, then gradually 30 to 40 and up from there.

So over the weekend, they were back with a string of 33 posts, which I copied some and sent to Craig again. I contacted him again and asked what is the point of letting them overtake this category? He just emailed me back saying he was sending it on to the team again, but asked if I was aware of the seriousness of my charges. I agree with you and what you are trying to do.

I know how they are posting this way and how they are getting away with it. Craigslist is like a bottomless pit…. Keep giving them hell! I have said it before, and it is really true, Scammers are like roaches. That is what you are running into. He rented a room from me for 6 days, in that time he changed my wifi access, locking me out of my account, reconfigured my router and password, added himself to my wifi account and he and a visiting girlfriend went on a drug induced frenzy.

I asked all the right questions, did the checks. I was scammed by him. The local police were able to confirm his REAL identity, and he has been convicted of 2 felonies and has 7 other convictions from eluding police, assaulting an officer, and passing bad checks.

I do not believe I will ever feel safe again. Yet, he is already back on CraigsList looking for his next victim. Sorry to hear about that. Yes real sorry about that, have to check backgrounds better. Talk to people that know them, I guess. My question is…what is this? What list of ads in my browser are they talking about? Can you please explain this?

Its a new filtering system where you can clean the clutter away from your view on the screen as you are browing Craigslist. You select which posts stay and which posts go away. You hide them from your view so you have less clutter. The dark side as I commented on my Forum section is that I believe this will be used as another Flagging or Ghosting method.

Mark my words, the next thing will be that ads will be removed based upon how many people click the [X]. Of course that could change, and Craigslist could start recording these clicks. But that would be the same as flagging, and they already have flagging. Now they have hiding for you and flagging for them. I understand what you are saying, and like I said, I think this is just the beginning.

I think that if I can see this potential, then they will see it quickly enough as well. I believe that the Flagging and Ghosting have become passe and they need something new. This would be a way to get a greater amount of feedback on posts as opposed to having to jump through hoops clicking a few links to get a post Flagged.

This method is just quicker, easier and cleaner. I believe it can also be turned into a ranking system if not Flagging. Enough people dislike a post, then it just drops down to the back of the pages.

Lower and lower it goes as more people click the [X]. I can whittle my main grievance with Craigslist down to one subject: It is completely abused.

The theory is that the crowd knows best. Yeah, like Ferguson Missouri. The crowd takes real good care of the community. There are YouTube video tutorials on how to do nothing but flag posts. The hypothesis that the good outweighs the sinister when it comes to flagging is unfounded. The few bad will ruin it for the good many. IMDB discussion boards have gone the same way.

It is actually easier to get away with being a troll, than to be a forum member who actually cares about the community. Everything I state is the product of actual scientific peer reviewed research, or years of programing sites like CL, or just being a frustrated CL ad poster myself. So…what would you have them do then to correct themselves? The fact that your ad can be taken down by competitors, even when you have not violated any terms of service, and the fact that your competitors can post numerous repeated ads and you can do nothing about it, and that it is nearly impossible to contact an actual human just indicates to me that Craigslist is the Wild West, with little to no accountability.

CL is where you take your chances. When they are flagged, I wait two days, then post a brand new one, with a brand new title, with brand new text. But you can start to build more ads, you have to go real slow, like one a day. I think deleted ads get scanned and rejected by some CL bot algorithm, which makes it almost impossible to get it published. Then you have to start fresh. I have two CL accounts using two different phone numbers. For the past few weeks I have been pretty lucky, posting one from the first, wait a half hour, then post another from the second.

The two ads are totally different from each other. Then, maybe a couple 2 or 3 weeks later, go ahead and post it as a new post. I never post more than one ad, and never post in another category. I said that I believe that this will eventually become another Flagging method. It just seems made to order for that use and abuse. BTW you sound like you have a good handle on what you are doing. I wish you continued success. You could be right then…. All deserve to be flagged. Let the scammers have their day….

This would be a way for competitors to get another business off. Too much paranoia on this site. For that matter, ghosting as a strategy has pretty much been debunked. When you flag a post, it will also hide the post. Hahaha, I guess you have had generally a good experience with Craigslist. Glad to hear that. In this world there are obviously people on both sides of any argument or experience. We are here to help those that have issues with Craigslist.

The people that have a good experience obviously do not need our help. First Ghosting was a big problem. People figured out ways to deal with it.

Then Flagging has become a different problem. There in an entire industry of people that hire themselves out to post or flag against your competitors.

So obviously CL must upset the applecart and create a new system. If you think that we are paranoid then you obviously do not know how many people are out there trying to make a living just balancing the posts on CL to go one way or the other.

Everybody wants to get the upper hand when posting on Craigslist. I went in looking for a used car, and as usual I see strings of ads by various chronic overposters. Contrary what CL staff is telling people…this [x] is clearly doing something other than just cleaning up the list when you are looking for something.

I might just give up flagging altogether. Not really so nefarious, if you think about it. For some reason yours slipped between the cracks until I came here to approve another comment and I say yours also. We may disagree but that is OK. Only time will tell how this new method will pan out.

If I have to comply, so should they. That being said…when I cause a post to disappear, am I the only one who sees that? It seems like overkill. This is just the beginning of this new method. I never overpost and practically know the TOUs by heart. When things change, I want to know why, how it all works, and how it will effect me in particular. And why is this important information on me? Really hard to say without doing a thorough analysis of all the posts. For the average folks its just useless data.

My gosh…what a tempest in a teacup they stirred up by putting in one little [x] after each post LOL. So it appears you were right…at least for now. Not sure if you told us you flagged the ads first, and they were then hidden, or that you hid them, and they became flagged. My concern about flaggers and flaggees goes both ways. I think all flagged ads should be human reviewed, otherwise, the abusers will win. Ads should not be automatically removed, just because a certain threshold of flaggings has triggered a removal.

I have to click to unhide to see it again. But when I flag posts now, they just go away. I flag posts that are clearly against the TOUs non-local, Paypal only, etc. It took 2 days, but they were all taken down. This outfit tries to come back, but I keep flagging. Scammers are like roaches. For everyone you find there are usually a dozen more hidden somewhere. Whether CL will admit it or not there are immature staff playing games with peoples ads. There are blocked words on CL that will stop your ad in a second under Therapeutic.

Then there are flagged and removed. I have had many ads, all were quite appropriate flagged and removed before they were ever seen. No one has to tell me that the staff are not doing this. I had one flagged and removed in 3 min……it takes much more time to show and have others flag it.

Are any of the staff accountable for their actions? Especially from the Therapeutic area because well…again…. I decided to go the forums page as i was disgusted about my ads being flagged and wanted help, Huge mistake.

Well i just happen to love paypal and have been using it for a little over 14 years now without any problems on many different sites. I agree with you and just wanted to respond to your last question even though I am sure it was rhetorical. The internet is full of sites that take actions randomly without any real substantiation.

I have several sites and have had hosting terminated and had posts or videos deleted because a supposed DMCA claim was made against it. Google is really bad about that also. They simply delete your videos, posts, whatever because they feel that they should. So no one ever does any real checking. These huge web entities consider themselves to be Gods. They are the final decision maker whether you like is or not.

I submitted an ad on CL offering a free ticket to a sporting event. I listed everything about the ticket, even attached a photo of the seating chart! I then waited to see if my ad would appear. I logged-into my account and deleted the ad! I then went to bed starting to like the idea of keeping the extra ticket for an arm rest and place for my belongings! Next morning I wake-up, check my emails and find a bunch of replies from people regarding the ad! Does Craigslist no longer send email notifications for when an ad is flagged and removed?

I just want to confirm that they stopped doing that if anyone knows. If it is done by users flagging then sometimes you will be notified, but this may be on the way out. I think the want to stop people from getting into posting wars and reposting to combat flagging.

Is it confirmed that CL staff flags and removes posts? I am mostly concerned about receiving emails from CL. I use the site for dating and also selling old stuff. With the hassle of anonymized emails and using Gmail or Yahoo, I think sometimes their anti spam protocols would kick in. I know until about 6 months ago, I received many more responses and met more women in person as a result. At this time I stopped receiving as much spam as well. When I was getting about 3 spam to 1 real message ratio I knew everything was working.

If CL has killed spam that effectively I wonder if they have also disrupted real people messages. I used to get A LOT more messages. Maybe the format change in October had an effect, maybe CL has just finally lost popularity with single women. Posts taken down by staff is a fact. I have had plenty of experience with that already. What you can do is test your messages by using different IPs and see if your ads show up and send yourself emails with different emails to see if they get routed properly.

Doing a control experiment is the only way to find bugs. Always remember that CL is very cyclical and things go up and down. I just have a question, today I posted my opinion how there are so many people on Craigslist selling more than 2 puppies are either breeders or backyard breeders and since selling animals is not allow they are only allowed to re-home them. I placed the post in the same place where the breeders were selling their animals..

I knew I would be flagged but I did not know what would happen after. After my post was deleted I visited the forum for people that are new to Craigslist and why there posts were flagged. I knew that my post would upset the people who were posting illegal ads but when I mentioned what happen in the forum I was pretty much called every name in the book, how I was crazy and had a very poor attitude.

They said I should not have posted my concerns and that I should have posted in Rants and Raves. I explained the reason for posting there was to make everyone aware that these people were doing something illegal on Craigslist however no ones does anything to stop or curtail this behavior. So what I have learned from Craigslist is that you need to follow their rules no matter what however I one person did something wrong and gets raked over the coals but thousands of people post illegal ads on Craigslist and because the average user does not flag these ads and the Craigslist community on the whole allows this to continue to happen, I was wrong to do this..

I even had a Craigslist adviser keep posting comments that he does not understand why I have not learned my lesson because all the people that comment in the forum told me I was completely wrong in what I did. I did not feel that the bullying I experience was called for and I do not see why Craigslist has rules of illegal posts however continues not to take them down when they do not meet Craigslist guidelines! I know what you mean and I agree with your assessment of the situation.

What can I tell you aside from the fact that they are a bunch of inbreed hypocrites. Craigslist is an Amazing Website. It is practical,local,friendly, free. It is the greatest website to sell your unwanted, old furniture. However, for some people out there who are complaining about Craigslist, it is better to find out how to use the site first before making any comments. I have been selling Furniture on Craigslist for 4 years, I have met amazing people while buying and I have met amazing people who bought furniture from me.

It is A Cash deal process, you get to keep the money you make and you do not need to share with Craigslist, or Paypal. My Furniture pieces get to be sold at dollars in between 30 minutes to 2 weeks, depending upon who is willing to buy what, and I have people drive from Denver, from Pueblo to buy furniture from me all the time.

I Learn the honest ways of advertising and marketing my furniture. There are scammers out there, everywhere you go, there are those scammers, however, be smart and be wise and that will allow you to be on the top of the games, if it is a scammer, shove the email to the spam folder.

And Craigslist is a great resource to advertise local sales, local events, just anything local, because it is like a Social Media Board where locals can find out what is going on.

It is great to advertise Moving sales, Estate Sales, downsize sales. I mean there are all kinds of stuff you can do or accomplish by using Craigslist. You just have to learn how to use the Site first.

Until, like anything else, it breaks. I think the crowdsourcing feature has more than shown its flaws. And therein lies the flaw, there is no accountability in who, how, or why ads get censored. I know how you feel. I tried 6 different times to advertise for a housekeeper and within minutes my ad was flagged and deleted. The worst part is no why and no-one to call to find out why.

The site is just crap. I will just pay the fee in my local paper. I asked if anyone flagged my ads most likely yes and they said there is no way my ad can be removed unless several people flag my ad. Most likely I was banned from Craigslist since the last time I tried to post, I was asked for my cell phone number and my ad never appeared.

It was ghosted and never posted. Unfortunately most people look at Craigslist when looking for classified ads so I am at a disadvantage and wish people realized there are other sites than Craigslist to look and a lot of people trying to sell items have had troubles with Craigslist and went to these other sites.

On our site for example we have an excellent Classifieds section and its completely free to use and post and there is no ghosting or flaggng. All ads are moderated so no BS ads will show up there. Only real ads from real people. But its like you said, people get one thing stuck in their head and its hard to break away from that and try something new, different and many times better. People sometimes expect to get great results with little effort.

People arent really interested in useless ads like that so you wont get any traffic from that. But interesting ads with images will get traffic and responses. I wish the ads were not full of commercial listings all the time. If I wanted to look at that I would seek them out.

I generally like craigslist, but it really can be irksome to have to wade through all the for profit business listings to find affordable items. I agree with you completely. The funny thing is that people are always like that. Profit making companies try to get stuff for free even though they can afford to place a paid ad.

Craigslist is getting just like Auto Trader and Cars. Almost entirely dealer ads now when it used to be mostly private party ads. They ahve taken over because they spend more money per ad. To those people that Complain about Craigslist. So they make money, Do you pay for the service? The people that over post, the people that make harrasment calls, the people that use an add for soliciting and those that just want to screw up or hack the site all have a sickness.

Apparantly greed and the lack of being Mature has gotten a grip on their weak minds. The fact that I can post adds and sell items with no fee is great.

The fact that people try to by things for nothing is not Craigslist fault and trying to bargain is the old american way. At least you can always just say no. Why get bent because someone offered you less than you are asking. Finally, which is best, Craigslist or Ebay where you pay to sell and many time you get scammed on what your buying anyway. I am refreshing my adds, and I did make canceled my add completely and realist items, but nothing works, Not even one person have enquire about any of my items, I have asked few other ppl if they have experienced same thing and they said yes, no one contacting them about their items as well.

Or there was too many scary stories around in media about it? Yes Craigslist appears to be on the decline and I think for a lot of reasons. But yes it has gotten some bad press fr a lot of the dark seedy side of the site.

Traffic for me is way way off. Craigslist is still the most profitable site for me. Of all the online sites, retail or auction, craigslist makes me more dollars than any other, more so it makes me more hassle free dollars. Yes I get the typical scam offers, idiots, late night drunk babble guy, but have learned how to avoid or just, deal with them.

So, regardless of what CL is doing or not doing to their users, I have the choice of stop using their free service at anytime. How can I complain about that? If you dont like the ratings on Ebay or Amazon, I know you wont like the rating system on Fiverr.

You loose your product, service and money because they will give the buyer a refund take it back from you of course and allow them to keep the product or service for free.

Fiverr is the biggest scam site going, even worse than Craigslist because the staff there helps the scammers to win. Perhaps people are not interested in what your selling or the price. Try sending a reply to your self or someone in your household to see if the email is being forwarded. If not perhaps re doing an accout might be a solution. Perhaps your email address or some information was wrong in your profile.

Craigslist is a joke. I have posted several honest and legitimate items. I have gotten hateful, smartass, racial, rude, and threatening texts and emails.

I then get flagged by these people that I wont give my item to. Now craigslist wont let me post anything. I was polite to all of the people that contacted me. I have emailed craigslist and no response. Craigslist can suck a turd through a straw! Some days I would get 7 calls from all of the neighboring states about the same item and they all would bash me on it. I believe craigslist has a little group of young people that want certain hot items that they cannot afford.

They then get each to call that person to beat up on the person trying to drive the price down so one can get the item for nothing. I am sure they know each other cause they would say the same things almost. They must be on a forum together or they work for craigslist searching ads. He was inquiring about a Trans Am I got on there. I responded on the Trans Am and then 1 minute later, the AFR heads were flagged and he never would respond back on the Trans Am he was inquiring about.

After two emails, I figured it out. Same thing happened when a guy from another state asked about another item I had for sale. He asked and I responded. I got the same item flagged and he never responded.

Now I cannot repost this item. I changed the title some and got it up for two days, but it was ghosted and would never show up under search.

Craigslist is full of scammers, envious people, thieves, liars, stalkers, and just the worst of the worst. Craigslist is poorly run and should be restructured all together.

I believe sometimes Grandpa was right. You just cant beat paper and ink in advertising. When I grew up, you got your ass busted for doing wrong. When you got older and still did not know better, then you got worse for being a smartass. Now days, kids are not allowed to be spanked or even lay a hand on. We wonder why things are going the way they are? I agree with you, but you should use the Free Classifieds we have at our site. We also monitor ALL the ads and prevent the spamming and game playing that you are talking about.

Only quality ads are allowed at our site. Which is why I maintain there are a ton of weirdo freaks in this world and at least half of them are on Craigslist. They are simply trolls who log in and comments as they please. Anyone can make comments on that stupid setup they have and there is no moderation whatsoever. You could log in and start slamming everyone if you wanted to. Its like a running gag over there.

Who can insult people the most and make them cry and fall apart. As for the small group, that just wants to steel. Again, you have the right to say no just as they have the right to ask for lower price.

At least your not paying for the selling service. You stil have that group of people that under bid or offer. Nothing makes you accept. What is PayPal doing about this? Local and cash only. Sorry for your bad experience with that transaction.

There are people who prey on the good people, that will probably never change. Could you please share with us the details of your bad experience, step-by-step. Something tells me these scams are all coming from Nigeria.

Not a legitimate buyer. Easy to recognize the ill willed. Now I have fun with these guys. Like today, I got a guy texting me, asking the typical phony crap:. Maybe you can pay with goat. You like goat, oh say u like sheep. GOD is watching you. But that is how I deal with these guys. Before I started doing the fake replies, I engaged with one of them. We communicated for a few days. He was from Nigeria, 38, if he was truthful. I played like I wanted to join their scams in hopes of finding out how they con people because, I have no idea what they do with just an email tied to paypall, or my name and address or email.

I can kind of guess or imagine what they do. What are their steps in scamming people. Never take it personal when these guys send you an offer, either ignore it, or if you have a little time, have some fun and see what you can do to reverse the displeasure. NO Like …… NO use. Yeah there are things that CL can improve…. Yeah there are things that upset me but the last thing I am going to do is blame CL.

I get flagged, I get spammed… I am faced with the same crap everyone else does but dam people no one is making you use CL, nobody is putting a gun to your head, no one is forcing anyone to use CL. Simply put, CL can do anything it wants. CL is one of the most powerful websites and it does a lot of good for a lot of good people.

Can you count how much money you have made selling stuff plus all the money you saved buying stuff????? So free is good ……talking about where society has gone , your it.

How about just plain creditability? Your liberal disposition disallows you to keep on the point and your entitled mechanism is unable to make one! This crap is insane. Criagslist owes you nothing. Shameful to think people complain about a gift, a gift to the people for the people. CL could have sold for billions and waved his finger to all of us. Craigslist is a privilege, not a right. When I was totally broke I put some items up for sale.

They were nice things that were very well priced — nobody called. Days went by… I lowered the prices… Not one fucking call. I had no money to eat. I had no idea that my ads were being ghosted. If this were settled in the fashion of eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, you would not like the outcome Craig,,,, and even I would not allow it for being too unusual and cruel, and yet you not only allowed it, you planned it, you did it, you still do it.

Do you not understand that there are people who depend on your site so that they can eat? By the way, I have noticed that sometimes when things are ghosted and I have lowered the price a couple of times there seems to be a certain call I get from an interested party who drives around in a truck picking up bargains.

So who is it that is allowed to see the items for sale on the ghosted list? Tell us what steps you are taking to protect those who have ads ghosted from being victims of an effort to make low ball offers on the items that are ghosted? I have a very strong suspicion that the ghosted list is the most coveted, and that there are people who either work at CL or who are paying CL for the list of ghosted ads that have had 1 or 2 price reductions. These people then go and make low ball offers on the items that are already priced too low.

CRAIG, are you starting to see how and why what you are doing is illegal? It creates a major conflict of interest. Brian just about everyone has experienced you problems. Craigslist is a very poorly run operation and got so big because it was the first player on the block.

It is too bad someone with a superior product did not come up with it first. I noticed that search does not discover all relevant listing anymore. I have been watching a listing since a few weeks ago. I also noticed some changes in the user interface. It was scary for a while as some did not make sense. I guess newbies must justify their existence by changing things around. Hi, I recently found out what dog-flipping is.

My dog was a yorkie, but the dad was bigger and the breed is unknown. I had no idea of this beforehand. So I have made it my mission to warn as many people as I can. I posted several ads to Craigslist in different cities, but not long after they were being flagged, until all were flagged there are a lot of dog flippers out there.

But I was trying to save people from being scammed and hopefully save the lives of these animals. And mine got removed. Craigslist is their main source for preying on people looking to adopt and also looking for free or low fee animals. I just want to get the word out. When we find homes for our pets, we trust they are going to be in good hands.

And in a lot of cases like this, they are not. She must have picked areas that she knew would not give her trouble. MOST cities are constantly watched by animal rights people and any animal sale ads that go up are instantly taken down by flagging.

It is sad but true that a vast majority of people in this world have the morals of a flea. Flipping cars and homes is one thing but flipping animals is another level of disgusting altogether.

Yes it is, and all that happens to the animals. The girl who flipped my puppy is in the same area as I am though. My first post, in my area, was removed pretty quick. Those warnings were also removed. Also, warnings like this should be able to be spread nationwide. I wish there was a way. Thanks for the reply. This WordPress blog gets lots of exposure so this will get your word out. My site and my forum get thousands of hits per month. CL has a lot of problems with their web site and is poorly managed.

A new version similar to CL is in the works by an entrepreneur I know and he hopes to eliminate most of the BS which we are experiencing with CL. You will be able to get in touch with the employees of this new exciting site and get some satisfaction! I hope it works out. Backpage tried and although a lot of people post on it I think the number of readers is fewer than the posters.

What if I just turn into a huge dick, and post ads from rotating IP addresses and just plain outspam the blatant spammers like a huge asshole? You can do that. Craigslist may stop you or try to stop you, but you certainly can do what you said. You know there are just some people like that no matter what you do. We started a classifieds section and a forum on our site to help people learn, post freely and express themselves.

First day or two, it was flooded with spam. On a small site like ours people really felt the need to post 50 ads for the same thing. Then I emailed these people telling them to keep it to one ad per item, and they came back and did it again.

End result had to ban them. Same with the forum. You folks never see them because they never get published. The web is full of the A-Holes that you see on Craigslist.

You should post these questions on our Forum so others could also contribute answers. But, the answer to your question is that there is no notification at all. Craigslist used to warn people that their ads had been removed by Flagging. That only happens after the ad has already been removed.

There is never any warning prior to removal or that an ad may be removed if it gets too many flags. It just goes down. Currently Craigslist will not always warn you. Usually if the CL system gets you it is deleted immediately and usually before it even makes it out onto the platform. Domain root craigslistescort can be splitted into 88 different words. This domain can be registered with other 1, different extenstions.

Domain expiration information The following table contains expiration history overview for the current domain. Multiple expiration dates indicate that the domain has been dropped and re-registered more than once. We broke down the prices into registration, renewal and transfer, and only show, to the best of our knowledge, the most affordable options. View prices on Directnic website. View prices on Crazy Domains website.

View prices on NameSilo website. Text analysis There is much to be learned from text analysis. If you require such statistics, this table breaks down and analyses domain name itself. COM has 3 bytes. Not only to they occur when entering domain name within web browser such as Firefox, but also when linking to websites. Here are some of the most common typos for this domain name that we've come across.

Alternative TLDs of craigslistescort. Nor is it always the best. Here is a list of alternative TLD extensions for this domain. Geeky stuff of craigslistescort. If you need to break down the domain name into some of the geekiest reports you can think of — say, Morse code — we've done all that for you already, including the mild encription in the form of ROT13, among everything else.

The following table contains expiration history overview for the current domain.

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Keyword craigslistescort Melbourne Even though they have gone national, they still maintain this philosophy. Posting multiple posts is a sure fire way to get flagged, Ghosted, or banned. So one who takes their time to help me is a friend. You are welcome to post your comments in response to any of my postings, just keep it clean. This only applies to businesses really. There are many people that do automated emails through CL so they are probably trying to stop .
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